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Home health care allows individuals who are recovering from a surgery, injury or illness, managing a serious or chronic disease or dealing with multiple diagnosis, to remain safely at home and live as independently as possible.

By working with you and your doctors, we develop a plan for you to manage medications and teach you about your condition. Our team also helps you understand the expected course of your illness and how to watch for warning signs, and we work with your doctor to treat potential problems before they turn into something serious.

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Amedisys Home Health Care

At Amedisys, our goal is to give you or your loved ones the tools and resources to help control your disease, achieve your health goals and live life to the fullest based on your doctor’s orders and clinical needs. Wherever you or your loved one call home, our team of skilled home health nurses, home health aides, and physical, occupational or other therapists, will make regular visits to provide health care services.

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Home Health Care Services

Home health care offers a wide range of services depending on your unique needs. 

Home Health Care Team

An interdisciplinary team of caregivers helps our patients get back on their feet and back to what they love doing most.

Home Health Care FAQs

Find answers to the most common questions about home health care.

Home Health Specialty Programs

Our empowerment programs help our patients and their caregivers how to manage chronic conditions. 

Complete Guide to Home Health

This full downloadable guide helps you and your family understand all the ins and outs of home health care. 

Home Health Assessment Quiz

This quiz provides a personalized assessment to help you understand the risk factors for your loved one and whether home health care may be able to help. 


Home Health Care Eligibility

Home health care services cater to a wide range of conditions, including congestive heart failure, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), recovery from total knee or hip procedures, wounds from pressure injuries and more. 

Patients may be eligible for home health if they need the following basic criteria: 

  • Being Homebound

    You're considered homebound if you're unable to leave your home or must go through considerable effort when doing so, or that leaving home is not recommended because of your medical condition.

  • Demonstrating a Medical Need

    You must require intermittent skilled nursing care or skilled therapy services.

  • Doctor's Order

    Your doctor must authorize home health care services in the form of a face-to-face encounter and review the patient's care plan regularly.

  • Choosing a Medicare-Certified Agency

    The agency providing care must be certified by Medicare.


Medicare Home Health Eligibility


Home Health Care vs. Home Care

As you progress in your journey of understanding what type of care your loved one needs, it's important to know the difference between home health care and home care. Home health care provides skilled medical services wherever the patient calls home to treat a chronic health condition or to aid in the recovery from illness, injury or surgery while home care provides assistance with daily activities to allow people to stay safe at home. 

Both types of care offer care in the comfort of home, assistance for older adults to feel independent at home, assistance with daily tasks and offer a less expensive alternative for care in a hospital or facility. 

There are several other items that distinguish each type of care, including on the type of care provided, the services available, eligibility, length of care, payment and the full care team.

Read our blog for a more detailed explanation of the differences between home health care and home care.

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