Requesting Medical Records from Amedisys


Patients have a right to obtain a copy of their medical record. Amedisys has contracted with MRO Corporation to provide Release of Information (ROI) services for requests for Amedisys patient medical and billing records. 

Amedisys requires all requests for access to patient records to be made in writing, except in limited circumstances where the request comes from another provider or from the patient’s primary payor. 

To Request Records Online

Patients may request their records online using the button below, which will redirect you to MRO’s eXpress service.

To Request Records via Form

Amedisys prefers requestors to use Amedisys forms for requests but accepts any written request that provides sufficient detail to complete the request. Please send your request (and documentation of authority, if you are acting on behalf of the patient) to the Amedisys medical records team as listed below or in person to the Amedisys location providing care. If the patient is deceased, please provide documentation to show you have authority to act on behalf of the patient (e.g., copy of death certificate and proof of executorship).

  • Mail: Amedisys
    Attention: Medical Records
    3854 American Way, Suite A
    Baton Rouge, LA 70816
  • Fax: 877-881-0043
  • Email:

Request Form

General Information

Record requests from patients or their personal representatives are addressed within 30 calendar days of receipt of request. 

Patients and their personal representatives may receive a copy of patient medical records free of charge. If the request comes from a third-party (e.g., Long Term Care insurance company), that party will be charged for the fulfillment of the records request. 

If you have questions, MRO can be reached:

  • Toll Free at 855-475-2938.
    • Option 1 goes to the MRO general customer service line who can provide a status update on requests already in process.
    • Option 2 goes to the MRO team at the Amedisys Corporate office who can help with the records request process.
  • Via email at

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